Introducing Event to Post Cloner: Effortlessly Transform Events into Blog Posts!

Are you using The Events Calendar plugin on your WordPress site to manage events? Do you often find yourself wishing you could easily convert those events into blog posts for more exposure or archival purposes? Well, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Event to Post Cloner plugin, which seamlessly bridges this gap with a click of a button!

Clone with Ease

Our new plugin, Event to Post Cloner, adds a simple yet powerful feature to The Events Calendar interface. With a single click, you can now clone any event into a standard WordPress post. This new functionality allows you to extend the reach of your events by turning them into blog posts for sharing, commenting, and SEO benefits.

Unique Features

  • One-Click Cloning: Add a "Clone as Post" link directly on the event listing page.
  • Seamless Integration: Works right out of the box with The Events Calendar plugin.
  • Intelligent Titling: Automatically appends a revision number to cloned posts with the same title to keep your content organized.
  • Custom Redirects: After cloning, you're immediately redirected to the new draft post, ready for further editing or publishing.
  • Event Link Button: Each cloned post includes a button back to the original event, making navigation between event and post effortless.

Why Use Event to Post Cloner?

Our plugin is perfect for event organizers, bloggers, and content managers who regularly create events and wish to enhance their content marketing strategy. Whether it's a seminar, webinar, festival, or any other event, turn it into a post with ease and take advantage of the blogging platform's power to engage with your audience.


Event to Post Cloner is designed with user experience in mind. It requires no complicated setup or technical know-how. Install the plugin, and you’re good to go. Managing your events and posts has never been easier.

Stay Organized

Maintain a cleaner and more organized WordPress dashboard with all your event content now available as blog posts. It’s a fantastic way to repurpose your event content and ensure it continues to provide value long after the event date has passed.

Compatibility and Support

The plugin requires WordPress version 5.2 or higher and PHP version 7.2 or higher, ensuring compatibility with modern WordPress setups. It’s been rigorously tested with the latest versions of The Events Calendar plugin for reliability and stability.

Ready to Give It a Try?

Event to Post Cloner is available for download now. Join the many satisfied WordPress users who have streamlined their content management workflow.

Embrace the simplicity of cloning your events into blog posts with Event to Post Cloner and watch your productivity soar!

You can download the plugin by clicking the button below!

The Event to Post Cloner is a WordPress plugin designed to work with The Events Calendar. It allows you to easily clone any event into a new blog post with a single click, preserving the original event's title, content, and featured image in the newly created post. This feature is especially useful for event organizers and content managers who want to maximize the reach and longevity of their event content.

No, cloning an event with Event to Post Cloner does not duplicate the event within The Events Calendar. Instead, it creates a new WordPress post with the content from the event. This allows you to manage your events and blog content separately while leveraging the details and effort you’ve already put into creating your event.

Absolutely! Once an event is cloned, the plugin creates a new post draft. You can then edit this draft as much as you like before publishing it. This gives you the flexibility to add additional content, adjust formatting, or make any other changes to better suit the blog post format.

If a cloned post would have the same title as an existing post, the Event to Post Cloner automatically appends a revision number to the title of the cloned post. This ensures that each post has a unique title for better organization and SEO.

There is no limit imposed by the plugin on the number of events you can clone. However, you should consider your server's performance and the WordPress setup when cloning a large number of events. As with any content management task, it’s essential to manage your posts effectively for the best site performance.


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